& Hair Artist

“ I have been fortunate to work with Marta on a set and from the first moment the predisposition, the attention and the care in each sequence did not go unnoticed, being analytical with the needs, the light, the skin, the demands of the director, etc… professional with a friendly, positive character
and capable of spreading good vibes in the whole. Without a doubt, the best option for productions like Makeup Artist is Marta Arce. Has it all!!! ”

Head of Strategy & Innovation Branding


“ I have worked with Marta on many occasions and she is a joy. She would highlight her creativity, innovation and professionalism. You can see that she is passionate about her work and knows how to transmit it both to the team and in her own work.
You want to meet her again. ”



“ Great professional. With its own style and at the same time adaptable to any project.  She Know both the shooting and print times. A pleasure working with her, highly recommended. ”

Fashion Film & Advertising Director


“ Working with Marta hooks! She always gives more than you ask for, and her predisposition to reinvent herself, to question, to rethink and take risks is a great inspiration and motivation not to stay in the comfort zone! ”

Photographer & Director